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Nickhol Andruss is descended from an Andruss line in Wisconsin beginning with Eugene R. Andruss, b. 3 Oct 1853 in Penyon, Yates Co., NY. Apparently an adopted child, possibly the son of John Andruss/Andrus/Andrew and Thursey Mills. Eugene's biological line may have been McCloud/Mcleod. He married Margaret (Magna/Maggie) Ramstead (daughter Andrew Ramstead) on 18 Oct 1877, Waterloo, WI. Eugene R. Andruss died on 18 Apr 1905, and is buried in MN. No connection has yet been established with the Andrusses on this site.

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Kim Masters is a great-granddaughter of John B. Andruss. She wants to know more about that line and has some additional information.

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