We want to express our gratitude to some folks who have contributed to this genealogy. We've divided the family into lines headed by each of Harvey's and Mary's children, and grouped the contributors according to those lines.

If we've left anyone out, please let us know.

  Name Index Name
Dianna Harold Lee Haun
Donald Eugene Black
Joanne Black
Kathy ReynardKatherine Dundas
Max Courtney 
Elizabeth Robert L. Brown 
Erastus Bernice McElreathStella Bernice Scott
Alpheus Ephraim Andruss
Orville Clayta DowningClayta Kathryn Teater
Howard Joseph Downing
Merriam KokojanMerriam Morrison
Barbara IrwinBarbara Jean Andruss
Margaret Margaret T. KnoxMargaret Lillian Thompson
Harvey Mrs. R. W. AndrussRuby Alberta Carpenter
Duane Robert Andruss
George James Porter McCarty