Robert Wesley Andruss

Duane Andruss tells this story of Edward and his son Robert: "The mules were tethered in a long line behind the buckboard wagon. On top of their gear and traveling food Granddad had placed an old mattress where one slept while the other reined the horses. Covering the whole was a canvas tarpaulin spread across bowed ash stays to provide shelter from the sun.

"An undertaking of this magnitude in the wilderness they were traversing must have proven monotonous after awhile, and Andrusses can abide many things but not boredom. Granddad was asleep on the mattress when my father saw relief ahead in the form of trees whose branches overhung the wagon tracks.

"Lying low in the buckboard, he whipped the horses to a run which swept canvas top, mattress, and Granddad to the ground behind! The humor of the situation wasn't fully realized until they had recovered the mules from the surrounding countryside."

-Merriam Morrison Kokojan, 1985 Andruss Family History


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